The First Baptist Church of Deanwood has been called by God to serve this community for His glory. We commit to accomplish our vision, EXPANDING THE KINGDOM OF GOD THROUGH LOCATING, EDUCATING AND INSULATING ALL SOULS FOR CHRIST. We are concerned with the state of people and pledge to work to improve the quality of life in the Deanwood and surrounding communities through prayer, evangelism, Christian education, health education, financial education, community outreach and community development.

The dedicated service of our ministries to members, community neighbors, and strangers is the life blood of our church.  We believe God's Word as it is written in Luke 6:38: "give and it will be given unto you..."  We understand that to love God is to obey Him.  We invite you to enjoy God's favor with us.  What is God's favor?  You ask a great question.  God's favor is safety, less drama, lasting relationships, unmerited blessings, endurance, and peace of mind.  There's plenty to go around!